2022 Ford Maverick Transformed Into Cool Lifted Overlanding Rig

2022 Ford Maverick Overlanding Camper

This 2022 Ford Maverick is ready to spend nights on the trails thanks to some ingenious modifications.

The appeal of the 2022 Ford Maverick is pretty easy to understand – it’s a cheap, small, and incredibly efficient pickup, which is something a lot of people haven’t been able to buy for some time now. Sure, there are mid-sizers to choose from, but they’re big and in many cases pricey. Thus, perhaps it’s no surprise that the 2022 Ford Maverick has already risen to nearly cult-like status among fans, and we’re beginning to see all sorts of customized examples, like this cool, lifted overlanding rig owned by Justin and Amber of the YouTube channel Wandering the Weekend.

This particular 2022 Ford Maverick started life as a First Edition, which means that it’s well-equipped with Lariat trim, all-wheel drive, and Ford’s 2.0-liter EcoBoost I-4. The adventurous couple then went to work transforming it into a capable outdoorsy pickup by first building a custom camper based on the Go Fast camper platform rooftop tent, giving them a place to sleep out on the trails.

2022 Ford Maverick Overlanding Camper

This Maverick is capable of traversing some trails too, thanks in part to a two-inch lift kit from Ford Ranger Lifts, along with a set of BFGoodrich K02 all-terrain tires measuring in at 265/70. Further helping transform the pickup into a mobile living space are an awning and shower from Overland Vehicle Systems, 400 watts of solar power, a diesel furnace, and a fridge and freezer, to name a few amenities.

2022 Ford Maverick Overlanding Camper

That list doesn’t stop there, however, as this Maverick is also loaded with a 14-gallon stainless steel water tank, 3-gallon water heater, a diesel tank for the heater, a toilet, and a power management system to handle all of its extra juice and accessories. The entire camping portion of the pickup weighs around 700 pounds, which isn’t terrible. But perhaps more impressively, the Maverick still gets around 22 miles-per-gallon, even with that extra weight in the bed.

This is an impressive rig for sure, and a great example of just how passionate and creative the Maverick’s owners have proven to be. Give us an affordable and useful tool, and we’ll make it even more useful, and that’s precisely what’s happened here – even if the Maverick still lacks aftermarket support in some ways.

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