2022 GMC Terrain: Review, Trims, Specs, Price, New Interior Features, Exterior Design, and Specifications

We genuinely wanted to like the GMC Terrain and in particular, the AT4 version. However, the interior feels like an economy car that has had a quick makeover, the ride isn’t premium quality, the engine is underpowered and laggy, and the transmission is trying too hard to err on the side of economy. None of these issues can be remedied via the options list and hold the Terrain back from others in the segment.

If you want a premium feel, good driving dynamics, and a smooth ride, something like Mazda’s CX-5 would be a better bet and with a more cohesive premium-feeling interior. If you want something to drive daily, then take on adventures that include dirt tracks, rough ground, and slippery conditions; there’s a plethora of less expensive but better-performing options than the Terrain AT4. We know GMC can bring off-road chops to a vehicle, but the Terrain feels like it rushed its homework and then handed it in late. This should be a vehicle that brings the ability of the Ford Bronco Sport or any Subaru designed to go off the beaten track but with a more upmarket driving experience. The tech is great, but for $34,000, we expect more than different tires, an extra mode, a skid plate, and some AT4 badging.

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