2022 Lexus LC Convertible: Review, Trims, Specs, Price, New Interior Features, Exterior Design, and Specifications

Lexus and luxury may as well be synonyms, so closely associated is the marque with comfort and effortlessly shutting out the annoyances of the outside world during every commute. Most of the time, the LC Convertible supports this sterling reputation. Despite the large wheels, the Lexus soaks up bumps and rough patches of tarmac with aplomb, with no jostling of driver or passenger to detract from the premium experience. When the layered fabric roof is up, it does a remarkable job of isolating occupants from road noise. When it’s down, it’s possible to speak to your co-pilot at over 60 mph without shouting.

As a GT, then, the LC Convertible is quite excellent. But what about as a sports car? Here, the weight of the Lexus and some shudder visible via the rearview mirror are reminders that it isn’t as athletic or rigid as a 911. Despite this, the steering’s weighting is spot-on and, as long as the bends aren’t too acute and the speeds illegally high, the LC is enjoyable to drive. Extending the V8 on open stretches of road is hugely fun, but try to keep your eye off the fuel gauge when doing so.

A Torsen limited-slip rear differential and Yamaha rear performance dampers are available optionally, and although these do make for a more dynamic car, we don’t believe the LC Convertible needs them.

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