2022 Lexus UX Arrives With Fresh Colors And Same Starting Price

While the UX remains a smart and desirable SUV, it would’ve been nice to see Lexus go a step further with this facelift. For example, the turbocharged engine in the NX produces 235 hp and would provide the UX with the kind of performance to take on rivals like the BMW X1. Then again, this is likely a strategic decision by Lexus to help keep the UX’s price below that of the NX.

Speaking of price, the 2022 Lexus UX begins at $33,000 for the base UX 200, which is exactly the same as the 2021 model. This increases to $38,040 for the UX 200 Luxury. The UX 250h costs $35,200 in base form or $40,240 for the luxury variant.

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