2022 V60 T8 Polestar Engineered Extended Range has Arrived | SwedeSpeed

Really a phenomenal car, built much better than my Tesla. Very solid, suspension is firm but compliant and handles bumps well. The Tesla just felt stiff and rattled and felt like a cheap car, this car is solid. Shutting the doors is a solid thunk, just so different than the Tesla. I won’t go on about seat comfort (excellent) as that’s been covered, but suffice to say, it’s a much more premium experience than the Tesla.

I briefly ran in Polestar and AWD mode just to see the combined powertrain. As the engine is new, I didn’t really get on it, but the engine is so smooth and quiet. My wife’s T6 (Turbo+Super+Polestar tune) is rough. I was really surprised how smooth/quiet the engine was and the engagement was almost impossible to tell. I’m really impressed with how smooth that is. That said, the deceleration in B mode feel smoother in Pure mode than when both powertrains are going.

As stated before, the power in Hybrid mode just in the EV belt is very sufficient. You’re not going to win races, but it’s plenty fast to make quick acceleration onto a street or even get a thrill ride comment from the wife and son. You have to want to go real fast to need to get into the ICE powertrain. Deceleration in B mode is quite aggressive, as much so as my Tesla, but unlike the Tesla (and XC60/S90), you can’t one pedal drive as around 3-5 mph deceleration stops. I’ve yet to use the brake pedal except for <5 speed, so I can’t yet comment on brake blending. I’ve also pretty much exclusively driven in B mode.

My only gripe, which is something I knew, but I didn’t expect to be this bad is the lack of storage area. You can fit almost nothing under the rear cargo floor, the center console fits nothing, and there’s no room for anything outside the cupholders and side door pockets. I expected the little door by the left knee (US left hand drive) to store sunglasses like in my XC90, but it’s not there, and there’s totally room for it. Fortunately the glove box is of average size, so I can put things in there, but honestly I haven’t got the slightest clue where to put my sunglasses. That’s really the only thing I can’t figure out. I do dig the cell phone holder in front of the center console, that is really slick.

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