8 Most Dependable American Cars

When average Joe and Jenny think of the most reliable cars, they tend to think Toyota or Honda, or maybe Mercedes or Volkswagen. American cars don’t immediately spring to mind. American trucks do, perhaps, but less so sedans and crossovers. However, America has made – and does make – some remarkably dependable cars. Under the banner of “cars” here, we are going to include crossovers and SUVs, but we’ll leave trucks for another day. To figure this out, we’re cross-referencing a variety of reliability indexes and looking at use cases that have demonstrated how dependable a vehicle can be. Of course, there’s no guarantee any vehicle will run trouble-free for 200,000+ miles, but we’re convinced that these American cars all have a great shot. Bear in mind that some of the cars listed below are only available as second-hand buys, as a couple of them are no longer in production.

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