850R for sale? | SwedeSpeed

I have an 850R sedan polar white .. as a car collectors and one who loves modified cars my first thought was to pull the engine for some dumb vw golf mid engine or Amazon hot rod project I’d never finish … as a lover of history especially European car history i feel this car even in its dilapidated state is too rare to pull apart and should be kept basically stock and at the very least stay in the Volvo community. I’m generally a vw guy but I have many Volvos too and I want it to go to a good home without giving it away …inlike money but I like cars more .. I feel I’d rather trade to another Volvo person for a car that I’d be more into from a fun perspective so this thing stays together . what should I do with it, any interest? Is it as rare as I’ve been lead to believe ? The numbers are all over the place and I think many of them are actually referring to the 850 t5 R
And not the 850R… something like 6000 total made , 2000 us imports?
yes I capitalized the R specifically out of reverence ..

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