American Cars That Are Not Very American At All

Using publicly available data, the American University of Washington keeps a list of cars and the percentage of how American made they are. It’s not just a question of parts, they take seven areas into account, namely: profit margin based on the location of the automakers headquarters; labor in terms of where the car is assembled; the location of the models research and development; inventory and expenses based on location; where the engine and then the transmission is produced; and where the body, chassis, and electrical components are produced.

You may have seen articles about the most American produced cars and in 2018 that was headed by the Jeep Cherokee. What surprised many was that the Honda Odyssey and Honda Ridgeline took up second and third spot. Given the rhetoric of our current president over the past couple of years about the auto industry, it’s worth remembering that the major car manufacturers are global and the world is round. Hence, Ford and Chevrolet were the only American manufacturers in the top ten of most American-produced automobiles.

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