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Hi allThe Polestar tune for the B5 engines has just been released in Australia and I’m tossing up whether to get it for my ’22 B5 Momentum. Generally I’m very happy with its get up and go, but a somewhat more responsive early-to-mid range throttle response would be a little more fun for tearing off from traffic lights and such. Has anyone got the tune on the B5 yet? Would be interested to hear your experiences.

Up to you but I got myself an EVC I throttle controller for about $200 for my B5 Mild Hybrid 2022 Inscription and it works a charm. No more turbo lag and I can adjust the throttle control for 1 to 9 (9 being instant take-off) or you can have it on Auto and it adjusts to your driving style. If you’re just looking for a way to make the car more zippy for about $200 and have control over this then this
is great cause it’s plug and play but if
your want more horsepower then you
can spend the money.

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