bent rim blues: anyone gone from 20″ down to 19″ or 18″ wheels? | SwedeSpeed

Thanks for all the feedback everyone!VolvoUhu, that thread you shared in particular is very helpful and is going to be a good reference – goimg to go through the thread once more before I make my final decision. Big thank you for this info, much appreciated!

Stickygreen, thanks for the info as well. While I know there are 20″ A/T tires, in my experience with this car in WV (at least around me, where I’m driving) they will not be useful given my surroundings. I really need more sidewall and rubber for these dirt roads with deep ruts. Not to mention the road noise with 20s (can’t imagine how loud the 21s are!).

likeXC90, I’ll look into the tire option referenced, thank you. But I’ve been looking to get off the 20″ from mile 7 (when I first picked it up), and now after 2 bent rims I just need something more robust. I do lots of highway driving too so ideally I’ll find something in an 19 or 18″ diameter with more dirt road grip than the stock Pirellis (even if not A/T, though likely they will be) plus provide a quieter ride. But first I need to decide on rim size.

BTW do the T8s have additional noise cancelation or cabin soundproofing than the T6 R-Design? If so, that’s the first time I’m hearing about it!

ChrisZX, good point regarding looking into fit, thanks. The 18″ I was considering are listed on Volvo’s main site as accessories for the 2019 XC90, and though they do say they’d fit my 2019 T6 R-Design I guess I do need to verify they’ll fit in both front and back. So I’ll be following up on that, and with my VIN the dealer I order the rims from should be able to provide me accurate info, at least I’m hoping so.

Once again thanks everyone! Despite the unexpected additional costs, right now I’m feeling good about moving on from the original 20″.

And if any other folks have some opinions, experiences, comments, etc, id love to hear your thoughts too!

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