Best Car Discounts Available Right Now

We wanted a station wagon, Buick delivered, and everyone is now basically ignoring it. However, we liked the Regal TourX lot, and Buick is currently offering $5,500 customer cash. It’s smooth, fun to drive, offers plenty of cargo space, and starts at $29,370. That means you could pick one out for $23,870 for an absolute bargain, or do what we would do and get the top trim at $35,070, and use the discount to get it down to $29,570. The Regal TourX isn’t the only Buick vehicle with substantial discounts, and the Regal Sportback also has $5,500 customer cash back, while the Envision has $4,750 on the hood, and the Enclave and Encore have $4,500 offered.

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