Best Sports Sedans That Aren’t German For 2022

Acura is coming back on form, and the TLX was the first salvo. The latest TLX arrived in 2021 and split opinions inside the Carbuzz offices over its handling. But opinions differ and I loved driving the TLX hard, so expect me to shift out of third-person writing and into first with all the awkwardness of a Lamborghini driver trying to show off in front of a crowd. If you love spirited driving, you want the SH-AWD option ticked to get the drivetrain and chassis to communicate properly. Its 272 horsepower and 280 lb-ft of torque won’t blow your mind, but it’s enough. Mixed with a superbly well-balanced chassis, the playful SH-AWD system, sharp and accurate steering, and an upscale cabin, it makes for a fun and comfortable sports sedan.

The criticism in the office is that the TLX needs summer tires to be the car Acura professes it to be. It’s a fair opinion, but it depends on what you want, and with summer tires, it would generate more grip for sure. However, there’s a real joy to be had exploiting the chassis balance to get the steering on-throttle and the TLX moving around on the edge of grip without having to reach higher speeds. It will absolutely slide around if you want it to, and the SH-AWD is eager to help have fun. If you want something to take on BMW directly, go for for the Type S.

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