Buick’s Coolest Model Receives Huge Discount This Month

If you’re a non-GM owner or current competitive owner, then you’re eligible for up to 20 percent off MSRP, which equates to nearly $8,000 in savings for “most” Regal TourX models. The offer does not state exactly what “most” means in this case, but Buick does provide the following example: a Regal TourX Essence model with an MSRP of $39,675 receives a $1,364 price reduction below MSRPR along with a $6,571 purchase allowance, adding up to $7,935 in savings for a new total of $31,740.

The Regal TourX Essence also happens to be the highest trim level. There’s also the base TourX 1SV and mid-level Preferred, with MSRPs of $29,995 and $33,595, respectively. The second Regal TourX offer this month is $1,000 cash plus 0 percent APR for 72 months. Both offers, however, must be with GM Financial.

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