Cadillac Celestiq Will Take The Fight To Rolls-Royce And Bentley

The elegant electric vehicle will reportedly be “extremely customizable” and, therefore, rival the Bentley Mulliner and Rolls-Royce Bespoke services. No specific details have been given, but we anticipate General Motors will offer the same unlimited paint, upholstery, and trim options as its British counterparts.

This would make the Celestiq the company’s most customizable vehicle yet and will probably create the need for a specialized production line and, importantly, line workers with extraordinary skills. This level of customization explains the reported $200,000 price tag, which would make the Celestiq Cadillac’s most expensive car yet.

With styling inspired by the Escala concept seen above, the Celestiq will be particularly elegant in its appearance, although we expect several design cues from the Lyriq (with which it shares the Ultium platform) to make its way to the sheet metal.

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