Cadillac’s Super Cruise Ranked Higher Than Tesla’s Autopilot

At present, full self-driving technology does not exist, though the currently available hands-free systems are still quite impressive. Tesla’s Autopilot is, perhaps, the most well-known, but a majority of mainstream automakers also offer competing systems. General Motor’s Super Cruise may not have the same broad name recognition as Autopilot, but it just came out on top in a Consumer Reports test. CR’s engineers had a total of 17 systems to compare, such as those from Infiniti, Mazda, Land Rover, and Volvo, but Super Cruise, for the second time, won the top prize.

The publication tested the system on a Cadillac CT6, a luxury sedan that won’t return to the 2021 lineup. However, GM says Super Cruise will be available on 22 of its vehicles by 2023, including the feature-packed GMC Hummer.

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