Chevrolet’s New Silverado Offer Should Worry Ram

Launched this past Saturday, it’s set to run through July 1. This is one of the best deals on the latest generation Silverado/Sierra to date. According to Chevy’s official website, there’s also a $3,500 cash allowance on a Silverado LD but the former offer is the better deal. Here’s the breakdown: with a $45,000 price tag and $0 down, financing at 0% comes to a 536 monthly payment prior to taxes and fees. However, going with the $3,500 discount and an interest rate of 6% increases that cost $50,925, or $606 per month.

Do the math and that’s almost $6k in savings if one were to go with the 0% financing. However, it’s also important to point out both the Silverado LD and Sierra Limited are both the previous generation trucks that are sold alongside the redesigned variants. The goal, like the Ram 1500 Classic, is to offer customers a perfectly capable pickup truck with lots of features at a reduced price.

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