Chevy Buyers Team Up To Avoid Silverado EV Dealer Markups

While some dealers try to make a quick buck off an unfortunate situation, others are trying to gain long-term business by treating customers fairly. Donohoo Chevrolet in Alabama, for example, posted an advertisement on Twitter promising to sell the Silverado EV for $2,500 off MSRP if you select it as your dealer during the reservation process. Another Alabama dealer, Buster Miles Chevy, says it will sell the Silverado EV at a 5% discount. These examples prove if you’re willing to make the trip to Alabama, you can get Chevy’s hotly anticipated EV truck under MSRP.

The Facebook group only lists ten dealerships in total, the rest of which promise to honor the sticker price, factory discounts, and employee pricing. If you live in Arizona, Illinois, Kansas, Michigan, North Carolina, or Texas, there’s at least one Chevy/GMC dealer you can visit to avoid getting ripped off.

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