College Graduate Incentive Program Helps Students and Recent Graduates

Rosen Hyundai Helps Students and Recent Graduates

College is an incredibly exciting part of life. Meeting new people, maturing away from home, working towards your degree, and there is absolutely no better feeling of accomplishment than finally walking across that graduation stage! With your whole life now ahead of you, what will you do next? Maybe you’re wondering how to buy a car as a college student or recent graduate…

As a recent college graduate, be ready for all of life’s ups and downs with a new Hyundai. Thanks to the Hyundai College Grad Program, students and recent graduates can receive $400 towards the lease or purchase of a new Hyundai automobile. Quite the graduation present!

Who Qualifies?

Are you graduating in the next 6 months or have you graduated in the past 2 years? If so, congratulations! You earned a degree, and you qualify for the Hyundai college grad offer! Going back for another degree? Good news—graduate degree candidates qualify as well. So long as you attended an accredited 2- or 4-year university, including nursing schools, Hyundai is happy to help you celebrate your accomplishment by putting you behind the wheel of a brand-new vehicle.

What Do I Need?

Proving your eligibility is extremely quick and easy. No transcripts, no letters of recommendation, no application—just bring a copy of your diploma–or a letter from the registrar’s office saying that you will graduate within 6 months—and proof of employment, either a pay stub or an offer letter. Once approved by Hyundai Motor Finance, you’ll be well on your way to buying a sleek new Hyundai.

Ready To Roll!

You graduated, you have an offer letter, you have $400 towards a new Hyundai: time to shop and find the Hyundai that best fits you and your future. Picking up a construction project or some manual labor? Check out the one-of-a-kind sport truck Hyundai Santa Cruz. Maybe city life is more your style. If so, the slick and modern Hyundai Sonata perfectly blends fashion and function. Whatever you choose, we guarantee you will start your career in style with a new Hyundai!

Curious what is the best new car for a college graduate? Here at Rosen Algonquin, our knowledgeable team wants to congratulate you on your fantastic achievement and help you find the perfect Hyundai for you. Finding us is easy, simply search for a Hyundai dealership near me, and don’t forget your diploma copy and offer letter! Once again, from our team to you, congratulations!

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