Ford Will Punish Dealers For Selling F-150 Lightning Demo Trucks

The Ford F-150 Lightning is finally in production, but scores of hopeful buyers are in for a long wait. Dealers, who may not have an actual unit to sell for months, will be given demo units for customers to see and drive, but Ford is placing strict limitations on what they can do with the trucks.

A dealer letter recently surfaced on the F-150 Lightning Forum that shows Ford warning against selling the demo trucks, also called mannequins. Any dealer caught selling before a six-month demo period is up will face a $25,000 fine and may lose their mannequin privileges.

As some on the forum point out, it’s entirely possible that some dealers take the trucks and run. Judging from the auction and second-hand sale prices we’re seeing for the GMC Hummer EV, it wouldn’t be surprising to hear of dealers eating the $25,000 fine for the chance to make a six-figure profit on a new F-150 Lightning. Some also noted that their local dealers have already technically sold their incoming demo trucks but won’t let them leave the lot until the six-month period has passed.

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