GMC Has The Best Hummer EV Problem Imaginable

Megan Hart, assistant marketing manager for Hummer, says that, in the beginning, reservations for the electric Hummer have favored the pickup as it was launched first, but newer reservations are showing a more even split between the pickup and SUV. Unfortunately, exact numbers would not be provided.

However, Aldred was quick to point out that new orders would likely not be fulfilled until 2024 due to the huge number of reservations already recorded. That’s not too bad considering that early hand-raisers are still only likely to get their hands on their Hummers in 2023 anyway.

As we touched on above, GM is on track to produce more vehicles than originally planned and Aldred adds that next year will be no different: “We’re going to build quite significantly more than our original plan.” At this rate, even Hummer EV naysayers are going to end up buying the thing.

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