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Hey guys, new member hereSo I am about to do the most craziest thing and fulfill my sudden dream – to buy one of those limited 850. To my surprise I found one in Europe (Ukraine actually where I am from): 1997 850R, 2,3L, 190k km on odo. Price tag: 7500 USD.

Vin: YV1LS5002V2401426

What bothers me a bit is: owner keep insisting that it is a T-5R which to me is clearly not true. Here is why:
1. Seats are suede in the middle, leather on sides (which is 850R and not T-5R feature)
2. Engine code is 50, not 58.
3. Make year is 1997
4. Color is out of T-5R palette7
5. Rims are 7’17

And also there are some bits which I never seen before.
1. Carbon spoiler
2. Air intakes under headlights
3. Wings on skirts
4. Dual exhaust pipes
5. The most – color is Pearl Blue which I never seen before.

Owner tells it is fully stock. So asking for help – can some please help and confirm if that is an actual true 850R or some well made replica.

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