How Cadillac Engineers Fought To Make The Escalade-V Louder

It’s refreshing to hear how Cadillac’s engineers fought to give the Escalade-V proper exhaust tips. So many automakers today (we’re looking at you, Audi) put fake tips on their performance products, and it feels tacky. The V’s quad tips look like they belong on a sporty product.

“We deleted the center resonator to basically straight pipe it,” Perelli added. “But Cadillac is a refined product, so the supercharger whine won’t be in your face.” This is in contrast to the Dodge Durango Hellcat, which produces a high-pitch wail from its supercharged V8 and can’t shut up when you just want to get home at night. Perelli and his team wanted to build a vehicle that could match the Hellcat on lunacy, but also quiet down and be a proper Cadillac. That’s why the Escalade-V has active exhaust valves with Stealth, Tour, and Sport Modes.

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