Hummer EV SUV Goes Rock-Crawling In Wrangler Territory

Now, we also know that the SUV’s extra body panels won’t affect the turning radius. Reuss said in his post that the Hummer’s 35.4-foot turning radius is unchanged. That owes largely to the rear-steer function on all Hummer EVs. From the photos, it also looks like the SUV’s suspension geometry is just as impressive as the pickup’s.

As of now, Reuss says production is set for early 2023. That should be right on target for the 2024 model year SUV. Pricing for the SUV is set to be identical to the truck’s $79,995 MSRP. However, we’re sure that some special first-edition-style models will bring the price up for those that can afford them. We’re betting it stays the same as the truck there as well, with the lineup topping out at $99,995.

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