Hyundai’s Hydrogen-Powered Semi-Trucks Just Got A Big Upgrade

CGI image of the XCIENT Fuel Cell Truck by Hyundai driving on a road

XCIENT Fuel Cell Truck: Globally Expanding

With the changes in widespread viewpoints on controversial topics like global warming along with customer & business-wide carbon footprints becoming a topic of discussion, the world has been changing at a rapid pace. Companies all over the world are trying to keep up with the global demand for eco-friendly products, low carbon-footprint machines, and much more.

While some of these businesses may be succeeding and others are not, Hyundai has been a top contender recently for their eco-focused designs and implementations that have been released for an exciting new fleet of hybrid and electric vehicles. One of these, being a hot commodity in the market right now, the XCIENT Fuel Cell Truck. With exciting new improvements to the overall design and performance of this eccentrically modern machine, Hyundai is looking to be one of the best choices for eco-friendly semi-trucks that are ready for the future. Let’s check out what some of these upgrades are planning out to be:

Design Updates

Chrome Detailing, New Grille Design, & More

A linear and bold ‘V’ shape of chrome details and multi-dimensional mesh patterns have been added to the exterior of the truck, adding a simple yet attractive touch to the overall look with no adjustments to any negative spectrum on the resulting performance. The blue point color lining the grille mixing with the decal graphics perfectly visualizes the truck’s fuel cell use of eco-friendly, hydrogen energy. The new and improved grille design utilizes the multi-dimensional mesh patterns to allow better airflow and a fashionable new look to rival modern competitors. For the overall chassis of the vehicle, the XCIENT Truck is also now available in a 6×2 rigid body configuration to complement the 4×2 option introduced in the previous model. So getting up hills, over rocks, and such will be even easier than the previous model (as if it were an issue before.)

Performance Improvements

Improved Fuel Stacks, Durability, & Efficiency

The XCIENT Truck is equipped with a 180-kW hydrogen fuel cell system with two 90-kW fuel cell stacks specially modified for improved fuel efficiency & durability. An available 350-kW e-motor with maximum torque of 2,237 is also available for those who want their truck fleets with better dynamic driving performance.

Hyundai has installed seven large hydrogen tanks to offer a total storage capacity of 31 kg of fuel. Many truckers need more fuel than that, which is why a 72-kWh-powered set of three batteries provides an additional source of power to keep with your demands. While the maximum driving range of the 2021 XCIENT Fuel Cell is set to be around 248 miles, refueling a full tank of hydrogen only takes about 8 to 20 minutes, depending on the ambient temperature. These numbers are more than enough for many drivers to quickly refuel and get back on the roads.

Making A Difference You Can “Count” On

New Fleets Available In North America, Europe, & China

With the launch of the enhanced model, Hyundai plans to accelerate the global advancement of its heavy-duty fuel cell truck on a whole new level that we expect is going to make a big change to the transportation industry within a couple of years. Hyundai has managed to ship out a total 46 of XCIENT Fuel Cell Trucks to Switzerland last year with the cumulative driving range of those trucks in operation reaching over 750,000 kilometers (466,028 miles)! And it did more than just save fuel too, over that distance, the hydrogen-powered trucks have reduced carbon emissions by an estimated 585 tons compared to diesel-powered vehicles.

According to Mark Freymueller, CEO of Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility, “We are very confident that we will see XCIENT Fuel Cell trucks on the road in other European countries next year.” They also plan to showcase the XCIENT Fuel Cell Trucks to the North American market this year by talking with several local governments and logistics businesses to start multiple joint ventures for distributing these fleets of vehicles across the country.

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