IMO the semi conductor issue is separate from the OSD issue. The last update I had gotten was only 6 cars in our whole region got canceled. I think it works well for them to put a pause on OSD, because those offices are absolutely overrun right now. I think Volvo linked the two as an outside reason for suspending it, but I don’t think that’s the real reason at all.@AustinLonghorn If you can find an open order slot that hasn’t pasted the “LDOC” (last date of order change) you could modify it, but most models are pretty well booked up at this point. I have a few slots that lock in tomorrow and the latest I see is April 12th. Volvo is not accepting new orders for any 22s at this time, so you can only change what a dealer has been allocated… so you are limited to whatever model/trim/engine combination they are, but you can change the rest of the build up until LDOC.

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