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Greg Lingelbach with a camera

Greg Lingelbach Gresham Oregon Greg Lingelbach it was our honor to have known you and worked with you.   Over the last 17 years it was your smiling face and bright blue eyes that began our work day.   You arrived early to turn on the lights, unlock the doors, and start the coffee.  You cared each and every day  and it made our days better and brighter.  Your bright blue eyes and smile are seared into my memory.  Your dedication to and familiarity with your customers made you part of their families.  Many have tears in their eyes as we tell them of your untimely passing.

More than a Ford Service Advisor

Greg Lingelbach, you have done so much more than advise us on automotive repair.  We will never forget you clearing snow off the lot wearing shorts in a Bob Cat. Your initiative and cleverness to make the many upgrades to this old building is a reflection of your energy and cleverness. There was not anything you could not do. When you coordinated a fundraiser for the Senior All Night Party at Reynolds High School we were impressed with your organization.  When you built a deck in a day we were in awe of your efficiency.  When you remodeled the kitchen we were made mindful of your forethought.  As you traveled the world with ease and encouraged us to all do the same we felt closer to you.  Your ability to navigate the river, pan for gold, install a security system, take photographs regularly touched and amazed us.  You were always ready, willing, and able to  bail us all out of home emergencies, work emergencies, and so much more.

Gregory Scott Lingelbach you will be missedGregory Scott Lingelbach

As I look back at the 17 years we shared under the big blue oval sign on Powell, I am most faced with your ability to never ever choose to say a bad word about anyone.  Not your wife, nor your children, or your extended family, co-workers or even customers with unreasonable requests.  Your demonstration as a loving husband, father, grandfather, son, brother and friend made the Gresham area a better, more beautiful place.

I will forever strive to listen as well as you.  Your ability to give love and guidance in a humble and caring way without judgment will forever be your most prevailing quality.

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