Lamborghini Urus Evo spied playing in the snow

The Lamborghini Urus appears to be due for a well-deserved mid-cycle refresh. If we use Lamborghini’s most recent naming conventions, it’s likely that the Urus will gain the name “Urus Evo” with the update.

These spy shots give us a relatively clear picture of what we should expect from the updated Urus from a design perspective. The changes are mild at best, as Lamborghini is keeping what’s worked so well for the past few years. In case you missed it, the Urus is far and away Lamborghini’s best-selling model now, and it’s to thank for the Italian company’s record-setting 2021 sales figures.

We’ll note that this winter weather Urus tester is wearing a slightly massaged front bumper with added vents. The adding of vents continues on the revised hood design that features a pair of vents unseen previously. Other notable updates come toward the rear of the Urus. We spy a new rear bumper design that takes a different approach on the integration of the rear fender vents. Those vents near the wheel arch are now far bigger and more noticeable than they are in the current Urus.

And that’s about it for what we can see on the exterior of this Urus. We bet that the most important updates will come in the form of an interior updated with newer tech. Plus, there’s the chance that we get more power out of a Urus Evo. We don’t suspect it’ll be a massive gain in output, but any movement in the positive direction will be welcome. A massively more powerful Urus with a hybrid powertrain that borrows from Porsche’s PHEV tech should follow at a later date.

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