Lexus Finally Has An Answer For Super Cruise And Autopilot

Lexus Teammate pairs two vehicle functions into one, Advanced Drive and Advanced Park. The latter is similar to most self-parking systems that exist today; it uses 360-degree sensing with various cameras to automatically park the car in parallel or perpendicular spots.

Advanced Drive is the more intriguing of the two. Like Super Cruise and BlueCruise, it combines adaptive cruise control and steering assist, enabling partial hands-free driving (with eyes on the road) on limited-access highways. Unlike Tesla Autopilot, which still requires hands on the steering wheel, Lexus Teammate enables drivers to relax with their hands off the wheel.

The system is called Teammate because Lexus envisions it working like a computerized driving teammate in the car. Rather than making the driver do all of the work or letting the car completely take over, Teammate is meant to split the work, letting the two entities work together in harmony to reduce accidents to nearly zero.

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