Lexus Is Crushing The German Luxury Brands In One Big Area

Michelle Krebs, an Autotrader analyst, told BNN Bloomberg that Lexus outsold its rivals despite having fewer cars on dealer lots. “What we have seen throughout the shortage is that Toyota and Lexus have extremely efficient distribution systems,” said Krebs. “Despite having the lowest inventories in the industry, they still seem to manage to get vehicles quickly to dealers for sale.”

All the luxury brands’ SUVs led the way in terms of sales, with BMW’s X3/X5, Lexus’s RX/NX, Mercedes-Benz’s GLE-Class, and Audi’s Q3/Q5 models performing strongly. With an all-new Lexus NX revealed in June and a new LX 600 on the way soon, the Japanese marque is well-positioned for a strong end to the year.

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