Lexus Will Not Become An SUV-Only Company

Looking at the images closely, we can see a few EV cars that could replace existing models like the LC Coupe and Convertible, IS, and RC. There even appears to be a replacement for the terrible CT 200h.

A digital rendering is one thing. Building a production-ready car is a whole different ball game. Lexus does have access to Toyota’s e-TGNA platform explicitly designed for EVs, but Fotinos stated that its ambitions stretch beyond the underpinnings of the bZ4X.

“For a company and a brand that has the ambitions we do – to be 100% BEV-ready, offering a BEV in every segment we compete in – technically that would be impossible to do with one platform, so obviously we’re looking at other opportunities as well,” said Fotinos.

The question is, who is Lexus looking at teaming up with beyond Toyota?

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