Looking at a 2004 R tomorrow. Eurospec 6 speed manual | SwedeSpeed

Hi, new here currently living in Spain. Looking at a 2004 V70R tomorrow with 210,000km (130,000 miles) on it and wanted to see what I might be getting myself into should I get it.Has a rebuilt CEM by XeMODeX (no idea who that is), new OEM 4C shocks/struts/springs, an entirely new fuel system all OEM except a Skandix pump, new OEM water pump, new OEM timing belt, new OEM plugs, new OEM O2 sensor and a list of other small maintenance stuff all done by a local shop here in Spain that I actually have been to and know is good.

Its metallic black with the atacama leather. Says garage kept and in the pics it looks mint inside and out. Asking price is $13k USD. Says the only issue with the car at all is the sunroof is inop currently.

Anything specific I should be looking for or asking about? Thanks in advance.

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