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Hello all, I am new here and new to the XC90, but not new to working on cars and the odd bit of fabrication and MacGyvering, after suffering the worlds longest Covid lockdown here in Victoria, Australia, I needed to get out and about, so I got an XC90 and proceeded to pull it apart so I could make a camper type thing out of it, and just get away and out of the house and see the wonders of this great land.

My first trip was to Tasmania after a few mods of course, and what a great place to kick off getting back to nature.
I will put up a few travel pics and some build pics as I go, and I am looking forward to some great advice tips, and tricks for the build ahead.

Plans in motion are
Lifting the car to put bigger tyres
Bigger tires probably wheels too
Front nudge/bullbar winchy thing
Rear swing away wheel carrier
Brembo’s (now that I have just read old mates (Adam Nonis) thread on how it’s done)
Bigger turbo
Better exhaust
Tune for better performance
Enough lights to melt your face off at 100 paces (kangaroos like jumping out)
Water tank where the old spare wheel used to be.
Suspension upgrades (will need some advice on this one), gotta get that lift happening.
And the list goes on.

My current list of mods
Roof basket
light bar
100-watt Goal Zero solar panel with swing up
Goal Zero Yeti 400
2 x Extra 75ah batteries run by the Yeti
False floor in the back for lots of storage and sleeping
King single self-inflating mattress
Built-in storage system for all the camping necessities like cooking and washing up tables, chairs, and so on
Mains power adaptor so I can run things at a powered campsite
Side awning with extra tent should I want to put it up
DC to DC Victron charger

I’m sure there is more but I can’t remember just now.
Here are some photos of it in the wild

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