Most Underrated New Cars You Can Buy In 2022

If you have a spare bay in the garage and want to park something in there for the weekends, sure, you could buy a Mazda MX-5 Miata or maybe a Caterham Seven, or some other sports car. Or, you could go truly hardcore for your weekend driving expeditions and choose something with just three wheels. With all the drive going to the single wheel at the back, you’re not going to set records on your favorite road, but, oh boy, will you be entertained. Remember how excited everyone got when the Toyota GT86 arrived on skinny tires so you could slide it around easily? Well, imagine just having one fat tire on the back while having more grip than a motorcycle at the front. We’re not going to pretend the Slingshot is more than a toy as it makes the MX-5 and 86/BRZ look like practical cars, and has nowhere near the track and driving dynamics of a Caterham Seven. However, if you’re looking for pure fun and love to take long drives over the weekend, then it’s worth remembering that the Slingshot is a thing.

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