Next-Gen Lexus F Models May Not Go Fully Electric Just Yet

Whether it’s powering a sports car in 2UR-GSE guise or a stately luxury limo in its 2UR-FSE format, the Toyota group’s V8 is phenomenal. For some time now, it has provided incredible performance and a sonorous soundtrack for several Lexus vehicles, including the original IS-F, the beautiful LC grand tourer, and the fun IS 500.

But with an all-electric future inching nearer, engines such as the 2UR won’t be around for much longer. Rival BMW has already introduced electrified performance offerings, such as the i4 M50 and the iX M60 SUV. So Lexus will surely be heading in the same direction, right?

Well, according to Lexus General Manager Andrew Gilleland, the 2UR may not be around for much longer, but fully-electric offerings aren’t going to take over im. Speaking to, Gilleland said, “my guess is you’ll see a lot of hybrid, in the connection with [F Models] before you get to full electric.”

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