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The Porsche Panamera Mk2 is a massive step on compared to its predecessor. It uses a new platform and features new engines, while the interior has also been improved. It even looks a lot more attractive than before, with sleeker lines and some interesting, eye-catching design details.

It rides like a proper luxury car, but the chassis still delivers the capability you expect from a Porsche when it comes to driving enjoyment.

Combined with a big hatchback, a sizeable luggage bay and with so much tech crammed into the cabin, it all makes the Panamera an incredibly easy car to live with. As well as one that’s comfortable and rewarding enough to drive to suit any mood.

About the Porsche Panamera

The Panamera occupies a neat position within the Porsche lineup, offering the low-slung dynamics of a 911, with the practicality and spaciousness of a Cayenne. It shares its platform with the SUV, but majors on luxury, which goes a little way to justifying the £71,000 to £145,000 price bracket.

The German manufacturer has also given Panamera customers extra choice within the range – offering the standard-wheelbase hatchback, or the Sport Turismo ‘shooting brake’ which brings a little extra practicality.

Porsche added a new Panamera GTS variant in 2018, which uses a slightly detuned variant of the flagship model’s twin-turbocharged V8. It features a handful of visual tweaks to boost the car’s kerb appeal, including a less conservative bodykit, a host of gloss black trim and a larger active rear wing.

The GTS is arguably the sweet spot in the Panamera range, delivering the sort of performance and driving dynamics you expect from a Porsche, but without sacrificing the standard car’s luxury and refinement.

The hybrid flagship is the Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid, which takes the electric motor from the 4 E-Hybrid to create a total output of 670bhp and delivering a 0-62mph time of 3.2 seconds.

But while the E-Hybrid and Turbo S models grab the headlines, and win the odd game of Top Trumps, the Panamera remains an expensive purchase. Other rivals include the Audi A7 Sportback, BMW 8 Series and Maserati Quattroporte, while the Tesla Model S is an all-electric alternative choice.

Where the latest Panamera improves on the original, aside from its more appealing looks, is the hi-tech interior. It really moves the game on, with a great range of connectivity systems. As you’d expect, the different trim levels attempt to entice you into parting with extra cash, but there is a solid level of equipment present in every car.

Porsche treated the second-generation Panamera to a facelift in 2020, with all cars now including the previously optional Sport Design front end, larger air intake grilles, side cooling and a single-bar front light module. New LED tail-lights are also added, while the GTS version features darkened rear clusters.

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