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I had also posted this in the Wheel & Tire forum, but thought I’d also post here since it’s specifically for S90 owners

I’ve got a 2017 S90 Inscription that came with the 20″ wheel package and Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3.
Since new, I’ve had issues with bubbling if I hit a decent pothole which is a given in the Boston area in the spring. (I’ve tried to avoid them, but you can’t miss them all!) Up until this year I had coverage from the wheel & tire protection package which I bought with the car, but have used up all the coverage because of the number of tires & a couple of rims that needed replacement. I’m wondering if anyone has had better luck with other 20″ tires, I think the S90’s also came with Pirelli and Continentals in the 20″ package. I’m also curious if those with 19″ wheels have had better luck. I had spoken to the dealership and I have an option to renew the coverage(5 yrs) on the wheel & tires, but the cost would be more than if I got a 19″ wheel & tire package from Tirerack (OEM wheels are $$$$, unless I can find a nice used set).
Would appreciate any thoughts on this. Thanks!

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