RUMOR: New Lexus IS F Coming Later This Year

Rumors of a new IS F are exciting, but it’s best to temper expectations. Lexus has moved away from V8 engines in most of its other vehicles, including the LX, and the LC is unlikely to get a high-performance F variant. That said, the IS 500 gets us 80% of the way to a full-fat F car, so it’s not like Lexus has a long way to go.

The IS F is apparently due to arrive in Japan in October 2022. If that happens, a United States release likely won’t be far behind. In regards to pricing, the current IS 500 F Sport Performance starts at around $58,000, and the Performance Premium model starts at a little over $62,000. A new IS F variant would outprice both of those cars and could stretch the MSRP as high as $70,000.

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