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Hyundai Is Inspired By The Culture And Love For Fútbol

Fútbol has always played an important cultural role across the world and especially in Latin America, and it is an inspiration to people of all ages. The culture of Fútbol brings friends and families together to root on their favorite teams. The love people have for this sport is incredible and remains an outlet of cultural pride. For many, the best way for them to celebrate their cultural roots was through soccer. In light of this amazing sport, Hyundai has decided to join forces with Univision Deportes as a sponsor of Sabado Fútbolero, which is Saturday Soccer.

The Growth Of Soccer Community and Culture in the U.S.

Soccer in the United States has grown immensely over the past few decades, especially because of the rise in the Latino population. From the aspect of Latinos moving to a country where soccer is the 4th or 5th most popular sport rather than 1st, soccer provides a community and a way for Latinos to feel close to home. It is also a way for parents to show their young children their pride and love for the country they grew up in, in hope to pass down that same passion of the sport.

Hyundai & Univision Recognize Passionate Sabado Fútbolero Audience

Hyundai and Univision have launched #BecauseFútbol to display the pivotal force Latino’s and Hispanics are towards soccer’s growing influence. This campaign features three new Spanish-language TV spots and it highlights the fan rivalry between Chivas de Guadalajara and Cruz Azul. The hashtag perfectly describes the fan base and allows Hyundai to join in on the spirit and passion people have for soccer, in an effort to “entertain fans and connect with Hispanic audiences”. Throughout the TV spots, there is a custom penning sequence from the collaboration with Univision and logo placements in various scenes and graphics. Along with television, there is social content and a call-to-action to inspire fans to share their passion on social media and show the world the reason they love soccer.

Hyundai’s Campaign Celebrates Car & Fútbol Culture

As mentioned earlier, there are three TV spots that were published around July 31,2021: A BBQ with Rivals, Cookie from Abuela, and When Lemonade is not for Sale. This campaign was executed by Hyundia’s agency, INNOCEAN USA. Hyundai Dealerships everywhere embrace and love this campaign because of the sense of community soccer provides Hispanics, it goes the same way when you purchase a Hyundai car. Hyundai’s unique community allows individuals to feel welcome and can relate to one another with something as simple as the vehicle they are driving.

The Individual TV Spots on Sabado Futbolero Exemplify Different Rivalries

Each TV spot tells a different story. The first one, A BBQ with rivals, is the epitome of a sports rivalry between family and friends. The spot is light-hearted and comedic and displaying fans are passionate about their team and are always up for some friendly rivalry fun. The next one, Cookies from Abuela, is another perfect example of rivalry, Abuela refuses to give her granddaughter a cookie because she is clearly supporting a different team  that despite age difference and familial relations nothing will get in the way. The last one, When Lemonade is not for Sale, is another comedic example of the culture of rivalry between all generations. What’s amazing about all of these spots is that consumers and viewers do not have to speak or understand Spanish to enjoy these placements of ads. On social media, people are encouraged to share the hashtag in efforts to not only celebrate soccer culture, but also show why people love their Hyundai cars. This campaign was successful in many ways that inspired the community while promoting Hyundai Cars in an intentional and enticing way.

A BBQ With Rivals | Hyundai | Sábado Futbolero

Cookies From Abuela | Hyundai | Sábado Futbolero

When Lemonade Is Not For Sale | Hyundai | Sábado Futbolero

The Wide Community of Sabado Futbolero & Hyundai Cars

Just like Sunday Night Football, Saturday Soccer has the same importance and love that Hyundai is visualizing through their campaign. It is a known fact that sports bring people together in unexpected ways but soccer exceeds all other sports when it comes to love, loyalty, and a sense of togetherness. Despite the huge rivalry between fan bases, soccer is a tight-knit community where individuals feel welcomed and their passion for soccer fuels excitement. For Hispanics and Latinos, soccer is an outlet to celebrate their culture and proudness of their home country. Hyundai’s #BecauseFútbol is inspiring with a comedic element that entices consumers to purchase their vehicle when in the market. At the end of the day, sports and especially soccer will always be there to be a bright light in life and bring joy and community to all individuals.

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