Say Goodbye To The Lexus GS

In an official statement, Lexus said: “We are constantly evaluating model mixes throughout our lineup. In the declining sedan segment, GS family has represented a small amount of sales in the last few years. In 2019, the GS represented 4 percent of overall Lexus passenger car sales (3,378 units) and less than 1 percent (0.88%) of sales in the overall mid-size luxury segment. This is down both almost 50 percent (-48.4%) since 2018.”

The Lexus GS was introduced back in 1993 in North America and has been a staple of the Japanese automaker’s luxury sedan lineup ever since, spanning four generations. In Japan, the Lexus GS launched in 1991 when it was badged as the Toyota Aristo. In 2012, Lexus introduced the current-generation GS, which was the first model to adopt the automaker’s signature Spindle grille that adorns its current models.

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