Spacer size – rears | SwedeSpeed

I ordered some spacers a couple days for my V60, after reading a bunch I ordered 15mm for the rear and 10mm for the front.

Installed the rears earlier and headed out to run some errands, which is when I noticed that the rear is rubbing on both sides. Just on the very outer lip of the tire, it’s rubbing on the fender liner. Has anyone else experienced this? I read many posts saying 15mm for the rears is good (and it does look good).

Any suggestions to stop it rubbing? Wondering if the fender liner can be trimmed at all. I’m running stock 18s that came on the R- design, Axioms I believe. I need to take a wheel off as found a screw in the tire, hoping that I can get the spacers to work.

Fronts are also on now, but not driven on then yet, hoping they also don’t rub!

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