TEASED: All-New Buick Electra-X Crossover Coming Soon

The new concept car will go on display at the 2022 Buick Brand Day in China early in June, and will be the first vehicle based on GM’s new Ultium battery and drive motor technology. The Electra concept was first presented at the 2020 Beijing International Motor Show, and promised an exhilarating new future for Buick based on zero-emission vehicles. The Electra was far from being production ready when it was first showcased, but the Electra-X Concept has taken a big step closer to being production ready, and features design elements that will be making it into a wide range of Buick EVs in the near future. From the teaser images we can clearly see a sleek, yet aggressive front end design with slim LED headlights, not unlike those seen on the Buick Envision, and camera side mirrors.

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