TEASED: Lexus RX Hybrid Could Be The Most Powerful Yet

The next-generation 2023 Lexus RX will debut at the end of the month, but that still leaves plenty of time for leaked information to trickle out ahead of the reveal. Just one day after Lexus posted the first teaser for the RX showing the front-end styling, what appears to be a leaked teaser of the rear end just popped up all over social media. Not only does this new image give us a pretty nice glimpse of the rear styling, but it also reveals the name of one of the upcoming models.

Lexus made sure to photograph the new RX in low light so some of its closer details would remain a mystery, though we can easily see the NX-inspired connected taillight bar and “L-E-X-U-S” badging. With a bit of photoshop magic, we can also spot an “RX 500h” badge on the rear end, officially confirming the name for the new 2023 RX Hybrid.

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