The Feds Announce Massive 500,000 EV Charger Push

A total of nine government agencies, including the DOE and the National Parks Service, will work to ensure these chargers are installed safely and in places that matter. That does notably include inside the many US National Parks. We sense an EV road trip to Yellowstone in our future. This infrastructure will also include the transition to electrified vehicles for the agencies themselves.

Unfortunately, the White House didn’t mention specific specs for these chargers. We do know that the DOD’s chargers will be Level 2, and will support the department’s electrified fleet. For now, we assume specific charger outputs to be under discussion. In all likelihood, the project will still be ongoing by the time the 2024 election rolls around. If the US Government wants this to work, however, reliability and charging speeds are critical, almost more so than location. For now, we’ll have to sit tight and see how the plan progresses over the coming months and years.

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