The Hip New Cadillac Lyriq Is Not For Old People

Another reason why the Lyriq may appeal to younger consumers could be down to the technology and convenience. The Detroit-based company announced recently that it will offer two years of unlimited public EVgo charging credits or $1,500 towards a home charger system to anyone who has pre-ordered a Lyriq.

What’s more, the cabin is bristling with cutting-edge tech. Buyers will be able to select from the much-loved Super Cruise system, an advanced 19-speaker sound system, and the 33-inch LED display. However, the best aspect of the Lyriq has to be its competitive driving range. The RWD variant is estimated to travel up to 312 miles between charges; this bests not only the Jaguar I-Pace but the Audi Q4 e-tron, too.

Chalk and cheese they may be, but the Lyriq and Escalade may propel Cadillac away from its dowdy image and transform it into America’s premier luxury automaker. The advent of future Cadillac Crest-adorned EVs should only strengthen this.

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