The XC60 is not built for spirited driving. | SwedeSpeed

Yesterday I was taking a cloverleaf to access the highway and I tried to take it in a tight turn at about 50 mph. The car felt like it was going to go straight and I had to slow down. Today I accessed a four lane road from the left and I saw an opening to go straight across to a right lane exit. I saw incoming cars far enough that I could cross safely if I moved swiftly. I saw a big red warning of impending collision as I did it, when I wasn’t even close to any of the cars that I passed from behind to make the cross.I then switched from comfort to dynamic and took a two lane curvy road. The XC60 felt unyielding in curves and I had to slow down to about 45 mph not to feel like I was losing control. I used to take these same curves on the road in my old BMW X5 up to 65 mph without any issues. Before I said anything my wife commented on how she felt like she was being throw out of her seat on the curves.

I don’t have the air suspension, but I sure expected better handling. I think I just put a bullseye on my back, but I want to hear from everyone about this.

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