These Are The Brands That Customers Love The Most

The Japanese brand scored highly, with a total of 897 out of a maximum score of 1,000. Flying the flag for the US is Cadillac. With a score of 880, it cemented a second-place finish and beat Porsche by just one point. Acura came in at 871, with BMW trailing behind at 866. Interestingly, Mercedes-Benz – once a byword for quality and customer care – finished near the bottom with a final score of 849.

Lexus leading the pack comes as no surprise; the brand continues to satisfy its customers and recently placed high in a sales satisfaction study.

As for the more mainstream companies, Mini is the brand to beat. The boutique automaker scored an impressive 873 points, clinching first position for a second consecutive year. Hot on its tail is Buick with 872 points. Mazda and Mitsubishi also faired well, scoring 856 and 854, respectively. Surprisingly, Honda, Hyundai, and Kia all scored below the segment average of 844.

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