This 1987 Buick GNX Keeps Selling for Supercar Money

Buick built thousands of Grand Nationals, and the car was so popular that the automaker had to stretch to meet the demand for its last model year in 1987. As a sendoff for the model, Buick created a super-limited upgraded variant of the car called the GNX. With just 547 cars built, the GNX was exceedingly rare out of the gate, but more than 30 years of drag races and hot-rodding have left many in rough shape or out of commission entirely. So, while this car’s price tag is steep, it’s not out of line with the GNX’s rarity and desirability.

Despite the coolness factor here, cars with ultra-low mileage can be a real pain. There’s the issue of maintenance, as leaving a car sitting for decades does it no favors mechanically. This car’s had an oil change and battery replacement, but it’s hard to imagine that there aren’t at least a few dried-up hoses and plastic bits under the hood that would need replacing before any serious amount of driving.

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