This Chinese Luxury SUV Costs More Than A Bentley Bentayga

If you’re in the market for a luxurious full-size SUV, consumers can select from several appealing options in the USA. The Cadillac Escalade ESV is proving to be the most popular with American customers, although this hasn’t stopped rivals from introducing new rivals. In this week alone, BMW has revealed the updated X7, and Jeep has introduced a long-wheelbase Grand Wagoneer.

But if you’re in China, there’s even more choice. The Hongqi LS7 is the Red Dragon’s riposte to the aforementioned western rivals and, while Hongqi doesn’t have much gravitas stateside, it’s a properly prestigious brand in its home country. At 224 inches long, it’s almost the same size as the ESV but, unlike the big Caddy, it doesn’t utilize its massive proportions for practical reasons.

But let’s look at the styling first. The LS7 could never be described as pretty, but it has an undeniable presence. The squared-off front end is dominated by a large grille, flanked by LED headlamps and chrome embellishments. Painted in black, it’s positively sinister.

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