This GMC Sierra Is Built To Keep You In The Woods Forever

Rigid Adapt XP lights handle lighting mounted to the overhead rack, which also includes a fold-out sunshade. Another aluminum storage box is also stowed on top, which holds recovery gear like a bottle jack and tools. Passengers can stay connected if they want, with the Sierra’s new radio, satellite communicator, and weBoost cell signal booster. Moreover, their stuff should stay dry, with a pair of drybags available to strap to the roof.

Down low, you’ll note the 17-inch ICON wheels, with Firestone A/T tires. Should you need to air down on the trail, there’s also an onboard pump to help reinflate the tires. In addition to the Multimatic shocks, that air pump can help inflate the air springs located on the rear axle. In all, it’s an incredibly cool and capable rig. It’s surely got a massive price tag to match, but can you really put a dollar value on getting away from the crushing mass of humanity for a weekend?

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