This Is The Last Buick Grand National Ever Built

This very car represents a ton of milestones in the history of Buick, and GM as a whole. As the last ever Buick Grand National to roll off the line, this car saw the end of General Motors’ midsize rear-wheel-drive G Platform, and was also one of the last cars manufactured at GM’s Pontiac Michigan assembly plant which had been in operation since 1927.

To make things even better, this very car was the subject of extensive documentation in 1987 and was filmed and photographed leaving the plant. The line workers even signed the engine and undercarriage as the car was being assembled. As the last of its kind, Buick added an additional badge to the car’s header panel. This car went on to star in the 2012 film “BLACK AIR: The Buick Grand National Documentary” and is signed by Lloyd and Mark Reuss, the former and current presidents of General Motors.

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